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I know you are working hard everyday. I will help you take what you already know about business to the next level and teach you how to run a results-driven organization.

About Margo

Dr. Margo Bush is the founder of Don’t Do Business Alone and President of Bush Publishing & Associates. In her upcoming book release Dream Big, Live Big! Margo shares the challenges of starting life over in her forties and learning to run a business after the sudden death of her husband. Following a successful career in music she became President of their book publishing company and began learning  how to grow a successful organization. Since then Bush has had the privilege of working alongside some of the leading business minds in the country and learning what makes most businesses succeed, while others fail. 

Starting her first business at nineteen, Margo understands the world of business from top to bottom. She has coached numerous small business owners worldwide, worked for the largest small business consulting firm in North America as a Senior Business Analyst, co-produced and hosted an ABC affiliate late-night business talk show reaching over one million homes, and built a fully accredited online Christian University.

Don’t Do Business Alone is her latest venture providing small business owners the opportunity to receive affordable elite business coaching from experienced entrepreneurs. “I understand the challenges that new and seasoned business owners face each day. Our coaching methods and in-depth analysis provides solutions which are applicable in the current business environment. Our one-on-one coaching experience is attractive to those looking for real answers to real problems, mentorship and individual attention. DDBA provides small business owners with the encouragement, skills and education they seek to grow and expand their business,” says Bush.

Margo is a Next-Level Keynote Speaker speaking on topics such as; Dream Big, Live Big!, Taking Your Business to the Next-Level, Architect Your Company for Success, The Art of Doing Business, Finding the Courage to Succeed, When Life Interrupts Your Dreams, Taming Your Inner Critic, Defining the Business Women Inside and more.


There are many reasons why small businesses fail: loss of focus, lack of knowledge, lack of discipline, lack of systems and control, failure to plan properly, lack of financial reporting, failure to take advantage of tax laws, hidden problems in productivity, failure to establish goals and more. As a specialist in helping businesses, Margo International provide practical principles for sustainable growth. I have thousands of hours in real-world experience working with business owners and CEOs worldwide. I am deeply passionate about helping small businesses succeed and prosper.

Empowering Business Leaders is my mission.

Are you struggling in your business? Are you unsure of the next step to take? Do you need to increase sales? DON’T DO BUSINESS ALONE is our way of saying, “We can help you get the results you need and answer the questions you have in order to get results.” You started a business because you had real passion. That passion has now turned into a viable business and you can see the possibilities of fulfilling the American Dream. We are here to help you fulfill that dream.

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