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Founder Dr. Margo Bush and her team of designers represent a wide variety of published authors that are pursuing bestseller status.

Publishing, branding and promoting first time and seasoned authors is Bush Publishing’s expertise. Our Publishing and Marketing Team thrive on offering a fresh approach to publishing and marketing books. Bush Publishing & Associates has been well known for over fifteen years as a stellar Book Publishing Company offering co-publish and full-publish contracts. As a traditional Publishing House, we help authors take their book to the next level.

We know that a great book rest on a good marketing strategy for overall success. Our team recognizes the immediate need to provide exposure once your book is ready for publishing. A well-produced book is just the beginning of an author’s  journey in finding an audience of readers.

As your Publishing House, we work one-on-one with you to provide quality publishing, exposure, and personal relationships with others in the industry. Publishing books, promoting people and producing projects is our personal passion.

At Bush Publishing & Associates we look for authors that can tell a great story, write a book to help others succeed and inspire readers win in life. 

We welcome writers to submit their manuscript for our review. 

  • Full Publishing and Co-Publishing Contracts
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Custom Interior Formatting
  • EBook 
  • Editing Services 
  • Proofreading
  • Copyright Services (Library of Congress)
  • Distribution Services
  • Up to 75% Discount on Author Copies
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  • Fiction Books 
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  • Christian Books
  • Books to Film
  • Childrens Books
  • Middle Readers
  • Cookbooks 
  • Table Top Books 
As a business owner with four children, I need a coach who acknowledges me as a whole person—not as a business woman alone. I have found more than what I hoped for in Margo. As an intuitive coach, she helps me develop both business strategies and life strategies that work seamlessly together. She provides just the right amount of information, support and encouragement as I work through the many obstacles that come from running a business and a home. With Margo’s help, I am enjoying true success—I run a profitable business that serves clients around the country, and I am able to be the mom my children need!
Lisa Cooper
CEO, Ellse Pasticceria
Architects and engineers interpret the desires of their client into reality. So does Bush Publishing. Virtually everyone who manifests an expression large enough to become a book lacks the skills to properly optimize the delivery. Margo Bush and her team are facilitators and stewards of a person's works. All are precious to the author, some are worthy to the world and a few re-define civilization. Margo’s role in my behalf is an awesome responsibility. I look to her and her team to audit, edit and perfect my voice as it appears in writing. You do it well. Architects and engineers could benefit from such a service.
Joseph T. Mongray
Bush Publishing has been incredible to work with me. Margo works alongside you to help you bring out that story within yourself. She has given me confidence in writing and branding myself as a writer and speaker. They are extremely professional and just a delight to work with. I am finally fulfilling the dream of writing a book and Bush Publishing has helped me make that dream come true.
Chantell Cooley
ice President/Owner, Columbia Southern University
I’m just a writer with what I feel is an amazing story to tell like millions of others. A life just a little out of the ordinary but I wanted to share it with others, Bush Publishing made that happen. I’m not famous or rich, just a guy with a story. Margo made that story her passion, she made it her dream. I am a regular guy, I can be found on Facebook, Linked In, and so on. I’m not a congressman or famous actor but Bush Publishing took me on like I was the next Harry Potter. I look forward to the next book and working with Bush Publishing to see a dream become reality.
Jeff Hopper
Author: Thief in the House
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